The vast field offers a promising future.

AWON Machinery was founded in 2006,for some years now AWON Machinery has designed and manufactured a wide range of machinery including:flail mower,side-shift mower,orchard mulcher,stalk mulcher,welding frame etc. Mulching is an important part of modern agriculture and helps providing a better growing environment. Uniform application of the mulch prevents soil erosion and pesticides, helps the decomposition of crop resides and fast absorption of the nutrient value, and ultimately increases soil fertility.

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AWON Vision—To be an admired company in the industry and be dedicated to the entire ECO-system.

It refers a wide ECO-system including our customers, our employees, our agents, our partners and all the related in the entire Eco-system.


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With our fast and professional service, the AWON GROUP remains a reliable partner after you’ve completed your purchase.